Seeking a skilled point of view

Jan 5, 2015 at 3:44 PM
Hello ... first of all, my sincerest apologies if this post falls in the wrong section.

Here's the deal; from scratch, I started learning programming. I followed some tutorials and videos, and so I just finished a text-based Maze Game, and I wanted to share it with a community so that it could be commented.
I really am a beginner and I'd be interested in any point of view; better way to do this (which I might assume isn't hard, since ifs are like, the most basic ? :p), possible improvements of what currently exists in my code (especially about the way to break the loop ... I really had troubles because I wanted my elseif to remain identical to all the others, so that I could change the exit if I wished to. I ended up removing part of the code on the winning line), or anything else that might come into mind.

Ok since I can't find any attach files button and the code is too long to be pasted ... here goes:

Oh, and please ! At least, play it before looking in the code. I spent time on it, and I'd really enjoy people trying to find the exit (don't worry, this is really easy).