What's coming soon

May 21, 2009 at 3:11 PM

There hasn't been a release in several weeks so I wanted to make a post about what's in the pipeline and what should be coming soon.  I've been making several bug fixes concerning multiples matching and hidden regions and those should be checked in fairly soon.  There is a very large update to the Irony library which I'm in the process of testing and integrating into the language pack.  Once this update is stable I'll push out a new release that contains most of my other bug fixes.  This new update will pave the way to implementing a useful codeDOM and better colorization.

Here are some of the key colorized items I wish to add: (each item is a separate customizable color)

local variables
global variables
global variable declarations
local variable declarations
mismatched braces or parens

The idea between making the first time a variable is used a separate color is so that it will be very clear when a local variable or global variable was mistyped in a function.

NOTE:   Most of these colorizations assume a standard environment.  At the very lease, these colorizations can be disabled if they become an annoyance, but I hope to release a pretty thorough options page that will allow adding new defines (for variables defined outside of the file) as well as specifying variables to undefine (in the case that you removed certain standard methods).

If anyone has any feature suggestions or design tweaks, please let me know!