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Project Description

This addon for Visual Studio 2008 allows for syntax coloring, and error checking of the Lua script language.
NEW: Visual Studio 2010 support has been added!

What's new

04/27/2010 - Visual Studio 2010 and Outlining support!
Visual Studio 2010 is now fully supported by the editor.
To Install the Lua language extension for VS 2010, either visit this page or download directly from the extension manager.

Outlining support has been added to both 2008 and 2010! Table construction and Function bodies are now collapsible.

01/01/2010 - A long awaited update!
Please report any issues or feature requests you find this with release.
  • Parsing should be 3 times faster.
  • Fixed many bugs relating to string, number, and comment parsing.
  • Added *.lua file associations.


  • Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition or higher

To install the latest version, simply download the installer release and run "Lua Language Service (VS 2008).msi"


The Lua language pack requires the latest version of Irony.
Wix is needed for creating setup packages.

Download the latest source release and open the solution. A standard build includes the following projects:
  • Irony - Irony language implementation kit.
  • LuaLanguage - Language service package that allows visual studio to edit Lua files.
  • Setup - Installer used to install addon.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes out to Roman Ivantsov, the creator of Irony.
Also I have to thank Ben Morrison for writing a great article on code project for creating a .net language service.

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